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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Insert Image

Local TOC

General (toc)

Saving images - pictures / photos - as attachments to a cruise is done at the Sailor Logbook Website, as an aftertreatment action. You take a lot of photos while sailing and travelling and later place them in a context. This is the intended way of working with images in Sailor Logbook.

Inserted images are meant to primarily relate to arrival harbors and places seen on excursions from there.

The rationale is: comments, notes and photos relate to the present or near past, i.e places to where you arrive to relax and explore. When departing this is history, i.e. you look forward to next arrival harbor more than you reflect on the one you left.

The Sailor Logbook Website was changed august 2018 from relating images to departure harbors to instead relate them to arrival harbors, in recognition this is a better construct. Until relevant screendumps in the Sailor Logbook Website manual are updated, the designation depHarb should some places be mentally substituted by arrHarb.

Images are saved in full size at the Sailor Logbook Website. When an image is inserted, a Thumbnail is generated, representing an image in:

Clicking / tapping a thumbnail opens the image in full size. In some browsers you then click / tap to zoom in or out (the browser shows a plus / minus sign).

Image insertion requires good bandwidth. Most browsers will display the progress of an insertion as a bar, percentage or other kind of indication. But you must be patient!

Important: once an image upload has begun, don't switch to other windows before the upload has finished, or the upload may fail. And even though the Insert Image window may be left open, it's best to close it when done.

Limitations (toc)

Inserting images starts by pressing   Insert Image...   in the Edit Cruise form. An image example was given in the Layout in ShowState, after some aftertreatment section.

Pressing   Insert Image...   opens a pop-up dialog:


As you can see, there are some limitations:

After an image has been chosen in a file selection dialog, a preview is shown and a mandatory imagetitle is entered:


This image is about 6 MB in size - but even though the quota will be exceeded, pressing   SUBMIT   successfully uploads (i.e. inserts) the image:


- but no more insertions can be done.

The solution is to either delete some images to free up space - or Contact us via the link at the Homepage and ask for more space.

Device and browser aspects (toc)

You may insert images from all devices and browsers, that can to run the Sailor Logbook Website. However, there are some differences (some browsers are in Danish version) :

Select image file part

The differences in the Select image file part of the dialog are illustrated below:

On a PC/Mac in Chrome:


On a PC/Mac in Firefox:


On a PC/Mac in Safari:


On an iPad (Safari and Chrome are identical here):


As can be seen, the Select image file part consists of three items:

The latter two items are device/browser/language dependent, and Sailor Logbook has no control of their look and feel. Be aware that clicking/touching them has the same effect: fileinfo acts like a button. Their effect is opening a:

File selection dialog

With this dialog you select a single image to insert. There is big difference between it on 'computers' (Mac's and PC's) and 'portables' (iPhones and iPads):

File selection dialog on a 'computer' (toc)

On a Mac the dialog could look like:


File selection dialog on a 'portable' (toc)

On an iPad the first step in the dialog could look like:


The second step could look like:


After clicking an image (and entering the imageTitle field) this is seen:


Finally, after pressing   SUBMIT   - patience please - the confirmation is shown:


whereafter another image can be inserted - or   CLOSE   be pressed.

The filename is quite anonymous and typical when selecting images on a portable. It cannot be used for identification - the imageTitle field is used for that and therefore has to be filled in.

Managing inserted images (toc)

After having inserted some images, the Edit cruise form looks like:


To save screen space the   Hide   button in the Body panel was pressed, and Events were also hidden.

Images can be deleted, and their titles edited. Clicking a thumbnail image opens a new window with a full size image.

They can also be moved up or down. Moving the first image up moves it to the bottom, moving the last image down moves it to the top. To illustrate this, Gene Kelly is moved up and Wendell is then moved down:


In the middle image,   Edit   is pressed, and a dialog box pops up:


After entering a new title and pressing 'Ok', the title is changed:


Portrait format trouble (toc)

In some cases wrong image orientation occurs when inserting photos in 'portrait' format - the image could be tilted 90 degrees, as will be seen in the preview. The cause is probably bad photo metadata.

A cure is to - before insertion - rotate a problematic image twice: one way and back again. Sometimes it helps to insert the same image twice.

A simple way to avoid this trouble is taking photos in 'landscape' format.

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Insert Image