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Sailor Logbook Website manual


The gallery shows images (aka 'pictures' and 'photos') inserted with the Insert Image function. It's based on the open source JavaScript gallery from PhotoSwipe.


The gallery may be started from:

In the latter case, the appendix has a link to the gallery:


Furthermore there are Gallery links in the tiny image appendix in the infowindow found in:


Layout in 'list mode' at startup

Clicking the link above opens the Gallery:


When the Gallery is started from the Launch panel or a cruiselist, a similar window is opened - though without any harbor relation.

The list contains thumbnail images and corresponds to the infowindow above, though organised and layed out different. Each image has a caption that serves as link and consists of:

Layout in 'gallery mode'

Clicking any thumbnail image or any image caption in the list opens an overlay with the given image shown in large size:


The user interface of the overlay picture adapts to the device in use. The above screenshot was taken on a Mac computer and shows some of the features:

On a computer, the Escape key and the mousewheel exits from the overlay and returns to the list mode from starup. iPhone and iPad gestures are described at PhotoSwipe.

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual