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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Windows handling


Pressing (clicking / tapping) a button in the Launch panel in the Menu form opens a new window. Next time the same button is pressed, the same window re-opens if it still exists, with same or other content. These are managed windows.

Clicking a link or pressing a button inside a list or form - i.e. outside the Menu form - also opens a new window, unless a window of same type already exists. If so, the window re-opens, with same or other content. These are loose windows.

Editors all use the same loose window. If you begin editing an item, you should complete the edit before clicking links or pressing buttons in other windows, that open editors - otherwise your edits will be lost.

Contents of open windows will be synchronized, i.e. if data in the editor window are changed, other windows will be refreshed automatically when focused.

Automatic refresh also occurs after changing parameter values (in the Menu form and/or the Event attribute checkboxes).

Do limit the number of open windows. All Sailor Logbook Website windows - except the Menu form window - have a   CLOSE   button at the top for that purpose. Closing a window possibly makes the Menu form window reappear. Otherwise manually navigate to the Menu form.

Browser differences

Microsoft EDGE and Internet Explorer browsers may ask for a confirmation when you press a   CLOSE   button. Some browsers only does this in Google Maps windows. Some browsers don't ask at all.

Anyway, if you have to confirm and this annoys you, use a browser standard-method for window-closing (ctrl+w or click the X). However, this will cause immediate close, without potential warning about unsaved changes.

Since browsers behave differently, you may want to try out a few, to find one that suits you best in Sailor Logbook Website context.

Closing the Menu form

If you want to close the Menu form, use a browser standard-method for window-closing (ctrl+w or click the X) - this will open a dialog box like Are you sure you want to exit?. Whether you confirm or not, all managed windows will close automatically. Any loose windows should be closed manually.

Tabbed windows and pop-up windows

When a Sailor Logbook Website window is opened, is is usually created in a new tab in the browser - except on iPhones, which only use separate whole screens.

On a PC/Mac it may some times be an advantage to tear off a tab to create a whole new browser window to be placed side by side to the original. E.g. the tab for this manual could be torn off by dragging the tab with the mouse.

On a PC/Mac windows are sometimes created in new pop-up windows, i.e. a small windows on top of the larger browser window(s). For example the Clickable map is of most use when opened this way.

If your browser shows a 'Pop-up blocked' or similar message, you may have to allow pop-ups from the Sailor Logbook Website. This is done in a browser specific way. Instructions on this can be found on the Internet. Try Googling 'browser Pop-up <name of your browser>'.


Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Windows handling