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Sailor Logbook Website manual


This manual describes the Sailor Logbook Website, an optional companion to the Sailor Logbook App and Sailor Logbook S App for iPhone and iPad.

Unless otherwise stated, the designation Sailor Logbook Website - or just App - covers both editions.

The Sailor Logbook App is for sailors wanting:

When entitled to full functionality you may connect to and use the Website to get options for:

Full functionality entitlement:

The Sailor Logbook Homepage has links to manuals for both editions.

After the Website has been fed with uploads from the App, the feed can be used as is. Or it can be enhanced. And replicated to your other devices (iPhones / iPads).


The Sailor Logbook Website has been developed during a couple of years, initially to collect history on places, moments, observations and persons from old written logbooks in a structured manner:

Written logbooks


Examples of output from the Sailor Logbook Website

Map examples

Below a slice of two weeks of a cruising during the summer of 2017:

Map with cruise track

The designation Cruisetracks map is now replaced by just Cruisemap.

Next a roundtrip through Sweden is displayed - blue sections show where engine only was running:

Map with cruise track

Wherever the designation map occurs, the reference is to land maps - i.e. sea maps are not supported. The Sailor Logbook App uses Apple maps, and the Sailor Logbook Website uses Google maps.

A sailboat icon moves along the track. Events are shown as green, orange and red pins, as in the App. Clicking / tapping one of these opens an infowindow with details:

Map with events

Hiding the event pins makes it easier to see camera and anchor icons, representing harbors departured from. Clicking a camera icons opens an infowindow like:

Map with harbors and image gallery

The infowindow shows harbor name and has a summary of departures within a given date range. It also contains a tiny image appendix (gallery). Clicking an image brings it up in full size.

Clicking a anchor icon brings up a similar infowindow - without any images (when no photo was inserted).

A Blue color parameter determines which track sections should be colored blue. One value makes sections under sail blue:

Map with colored track

Cruiselist examples

A Cruisemember cruiselist shows whereto cruising during the year 1991 with friends in a Yplus group went:

Cruiselist with destinations

A Harbor cruiselist displays when Bagenkop harbor was visited, and crewmembers that participated:

Cruiselist with crewmembers

Automatic harbor retrieval

When a track has been uploaded from the Sailor Logbook App, the Sailor Logbook Website attempts to connect both trackends to a nearest harbor - if the Automatic harbor retrieval feature is enabled.

Connection is done automatically by using Marinas.com web service - to the extent trackend locations are covered by this service. See Harbor handling for details.

Editing data at the Sailor Logbook Website

The basic data at the Sailor Logbook Website is a cruise: it's identified by departure time (depTime), and created by uploading from the App. Different editors can then be used for different types of data:

Model of the Sailor Logbook Website database

                  .............       .............
                  |  Harbor   |       |Crewmember |
                  .............       .............
         departure |         | arrival      |
                   v         v              |
             .......................        |
             |       Cruise        |        |
             .......................        |
              |         |         |         |
              v         v         v         v
   .............  .............  .............
   |   Image   |  |   Plot    |  | Boarding  |
   .............  .............  .............
                  |   Event   |

Superior data at top - subordinate data at bottom.

The plot data type is invisible and used for drawing tracks. Most plots have no event attached.

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual