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Cruiselists review

Local TOC

General (toc)

Three cruiselists are found in the Menu form:

The first of these is the primary, and has therefore a   BIG BUTTON   in the Launch panel in the Menu form. The other two are subsets of same composition, but limited to a single Crewmember or Harbor selected in dropdown lists in the Menu form.

Cruiselists are composed from your recorded data in a number of ways, determined by values or settings of:

If you have launched a list and want to compose it from other parameter values, change these (in the Menu form and/or the Event attribute checkboxes) and return to the list window: it will be recomposed and reloaded automatically.

Date range

The Menu form launches different types of lists, including cruiselists. The DateFrom and DateTill parameters in the Date range panel define a date range for cruises to be listed, measured by their departure time.

The designations date range and time range are synonymous. In the App only the latter term is used. In contrast to the App, you cannot specify the clock (hour and minute) as part of a date range. The Sailor Logbook Website operates with whole days only.


Presently five checkboxes in the Inclusions panel in the Menu form are implemented. They all affect what is included in the cruiselists. One of the checkboxes also affects other lists, and another checkbox also affects the maps. You may independently check or uncheck each.

Layout without any inclusions (toc)

To demonstrate the effect of the checkbox settings, a number of screenshots of the Basic cruiselist is given below. The underlying data is from a summer-cruise 2016. The date range is fixed.

Until later in this chapter, all Event attribute checkboxes have standard value ('checked' / 'ON').

In the first screenshot, all Inclusions checkboxes are unchecked (OFF) - as can be seen in the Contentheading, in this case reading:

Overviews (boardings):N Events:N Embedded images:N Image appendix:N Only mainitems:N


Notice that for each cruise the departure time, departure harbor and arrival harbor constitute links. Clicking the first of these opens the Edit Cruise form in a new window. Clicking the second and third link opens the Harbor cruiselist in a new window.

Furthermore, a MAP link opens the Cruisemap for the given cruise.

Abbreviations relating to a cruise used throughout the Sailor Logbook Website:

The items marked '*' are calculated.

Notice the time indicator between the individual cruises, e.g. 1,7 days. This is calculated as the time span from the arrival time above to the departure time below.

At the bottom there is an Accumulations line (only Basic cruiselist and Crewmember cruiselist). In this case it reads:

Accumulations for the period: hrsTot: 14,2 - distTot: 70,0 - avsTot: 4,9 - sailHrs: 11,0 - engineHrs: 3,1

The (-) markings means no data, i.e. fields were left blank. The abbreviation n/a - not seen here - means not applicable.

Layout including overviews (toc)

In the next screen, Overviews in lists? was checkmarked:


Names of crewmembers that boarded are now seen as an overview. Their names constitute links: clicking a name opens the Crewmember cruiselist in a new window (above, only one person in the crew).

Layout including eventlist (toc)

Coming next, Events in cruiselists+maps? was checked to produce an eventlist for each cruise:


Abbreviations relating to an event used throughout the Sailor Logbook Website:

Time, distance and average speed

*) Correspond to the hrs:x,x - dist:x,x - avs:x,x information shown in the Cruisemap when hovering over an event pin. Also shown when clicking / tapping a pin. Similar to the time, distance and average speed calculations in the App.

**) Not shown when hovering over an event pin, you must click / tap a pin.

Calculation on sail and engine hours: if sails are recorded set (at any level) but not taken down, they are assumed taken down at arrival time. Likewise if the engine is recorded started but not stopped, it's assumed stopped at arrival time. Just like in the App.

This snippet illustrates the red when decreasing construction:


Changing Event attribute checkboxes

To illustrate the effect of changing the Event attribute checkboxes from standard value ON, the following modifications are done:

Event attribute checkbox Change
Change of sail and engine switched OFF
Wind direction and force (no change)
Current direction and force switched OFF
Weather and waves (no change)
Temperature and visibility switched OFF

The effect is seen here:


Because Change of sail and engine was switched OFF, the Accumulations line (not seen here) now omits both engine and sail hours:

Accumulations for the period: hrsTot: 14,2 - distTot: 70,0 - avsTot: 4,9

Hereafter all Event attribute checkboxes are reset to standard value ('checked' / 'ON'). Needless to say, all data are kept - i.e. if data are suppressed because a checkbox is set to do so, they reappear when the checkbox is reversed.

Layout including imagelists (toc)

Now comes a slice of a screen where Embedded images in cruiselists? was checked to produce an imagelist for each cruise:


Clicking an image will display it full size in a new window.

Not seen above, mixing images in landscape and portrait format results in asymmetry, as all images have same height (100 pixels). Landscape format suits the Website best.

Layout including image appendix (toc)

When Image appendix in cruiselists? is checked, something like this is displayed:


Clicking an image still displays it full size in a new window. Above the image titles, departure time for the given cruises are included, constituting links to the Edit Cruise form.

Where more images for a cruise are shown, only the first in each group has this link (e.g. images 3-7 relate to the same cruise, but only image 3 has a link).

Layout including only mainitems (toc)

If the Only mainitems in cruiselists? inclusion is checked, the cruiseslists are reduced to a Blog-like layout:


The time indicator now shows 1,9 days (not 1,7 as before), since the arrival time is unavailable for calculations here.

Layout including comment scroll (toc)

Finally an Comment scroll in cruiselists? inclusion changes the layout to:


Comparing with previous screenshots in this chapter, it can be seen that all content in comment field for the first cruise is shown, but not for the second: it's content is larger or has more linebreaks than certain limits, and therefore the comment field is made scrollable. Depending on browser, the scroolbar may be visible constantly or only when scrolling - as the case here.

If you want to print the whole content of a cruiselist or export it to a pdf file, comment scroll should not be enabled.

This inclusion checkbox was added august 2018. Comment fields can be quite large (up to 3000 characters), and depending on context it may or may not be best to make large comment fields scrollable. The Sailor Logbook Website manual currently isn't quite up to date in this respect.

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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