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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Harbor handling


When a track has been uploaded from the Sailor Logbook App, the Sailor Logbook Website attempts to connect both trackends to a 'nearest harbor'- if the feature is enabled. I.e. the harbor within a distance of 0.5 Nautical Mile that is closest. Or, in other words, harbors are attemped attached to a cruise.

A track can begin and end at the same harbor.

Search algorithm

Search for a nearest harbor is done against three sources, in a prioritized manner:

Any of these sources can include harbors not found in any of the other sources. E.g. own harbors only exist in source 1).

When search fails on source 1) but succeeds on source 2), the given harbor is copied from 2) to 1).

When search fails on both source 1) and 2), but succeeds on source 3), the given harbor is copied to both 2) and 1).

If all searches fail, the artificial *ProxyHarbor serves as a proxy for missing harbors.

Own harbors - i.e. created by yourself - are represented on maps by anchor (or camera) icons.

Imported harbors - i.e. originating from Marinas.com web service - are represented on maps by Marinas icons. An example is seen in Icons and infowindows.

Reasons for search failure

If a track end cannot be connected, it's more than 0.5 Nautical Mile away from any 'known' harbor, because:

Further reasons connection can fail or give a wrong result:

Tracking was started too late or ended too soon

Here you can use the Edit Cruise form and select the correct departure and/or arrival harbor from the dropdown lists - these contain your own harbor list.

There is nothing stopping you from selecting a harbor far away from your actual departure or arrival position: there is no sanity check that a selected harbor is nearer than 0.5 Nautical Mile (the criterion for the Search algorithm). If a wrong harbor is selected, the map display will be distorted, and long yellow connection lines between harbor(s) and track ending(s) will appear.

Track end was not covered

You can use the Edit Harbor form form to add missing harbor(s) to your own harbor list, and then either:

This situation typically arises when anchoring: consider your anchorages to be harbors. Btw: your own harbors are represented by anchor icons (when without images) on maps - this is an analogy to anchoring.

Name clash

This situation occurs if two harbors:

have same name, though their location is different. One way to solve the problem is to rename your own harbor and then try the   Resolve   button.

Closeby harbors

If your actual harbor is not registered in your own harbor list, but another closeby harbor is registered there, the search algorithm will result in the closeby harbor if it's less than 0.5 Nautical Mile away from your track end.

The search radius of 0.5 Nautical Mile is a compromise: a higher value would increase the 'closeby' syndrome, a lower value would increase the number of 'Tracking started too late or ended too soon' search failures.

Identifying missing harbors

One way to do this:

Creating your own harbor

(This is also described in Steps to create a harbor, and repeated here for completeness).

A location must be established and be represented by a Last clicked location (see below), that can be exploited by the Geolocation panel. Afterwards, in the Edit Harbor form, do this:

A location is established by one of two methods:

By using the Cruisemap

Simply click the map - a Google Maps standard pin marker - representing Last clicked location - appears at the clicked location, signalling Last clicked location is saved. After 10 seconds the pin disappears, to not disturb map appearance.

In this context, it's the smartest to open Cruisemap from the Harbor list (make sure the Overviews in lists? is checked):

By using the Clickable map solely

Establishing a Last clicked location without using the above method first is also possible. The pin positioning is very similar, except that in the Clickable map the pin doesn't disappear. Furthermore the pin is draggable here, and the map is panned after click / drag: the pin is centered in the map.

Updating harbor data

(This is also described in Steps to modify / fine tune a location, and repeated here for completeness).

No matter how a harbor in your own harbor list was created, in the Edit Harbor form you can later update its fields:

Save any of these changes by pressing   SUBMIT  .

Note: pressing the   Open Harborlocation map   button sets Last clicked location to the given location - so this designation is a bit misleading.

Deleting a harbor

You can delete any of your own harbors, that are not attached to any cruise. To identify and delete these, do this:

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Harbor handling