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Error messages


Some 'errors' relate the user - you - input'ing unexpected or missing values or pressing buttons that do not work in a given context. Other errors relate to the system itself, e.g. program bugs or the database not running.

User error

If the JavaScript code - meant to enhance user friendliness and used to validate input - complains on bad input, it popups like:


If the same conditions occurs multiple times, some browsers may offer to suppress further messages:


If you see similar, do not checkmark it, or the JavaScript code cannot guide you any longer - and you may instead experience a:

System errors

Besides JavaScript being disabled, errors due to programming bugs regrettably cannot be excluded. An example:


Another example:

   !!! Please check if your browser allows Cookies and JavaScript - and try again !!!

In this case, check that the Requirements are met, and then try again. This kind of error is not logged, so if it persists, Contact us via the link at the Homepage and tell us the details.

Communication errors

Sporadic errors relating to server traffic overflow can occur. For example:


The problem occurred when launching a cruiselist. The solution was to close the window and try again.

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Error messages