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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Menu form


The Menu form opens from the Login form.

It's a launchpad for most forms, lists and maps in Sailor Logbook Website, and lives in its own window. It's the place to start after login and to end before optionally closing down. Everything launched from the Menu form opens in other window(s).

In the form a date range delimits the temporal extent of most outputs. And by checking / unchecking inclusion options you determine how they are composed. These parameters are of a volatile nature (often changed), placed here for easy access.

Parameters of a more permanent nature (seldom changed) are the Event attribute checkboxes.

There is no logout function. See Closing the Menu form for help on how to close down.


At your very first startup and before doing anything, the Menu form should look something like:


It contains these panels:

Formname and username panel


Informs on / has:

*) Has been updated from SLB - which still appears in many screenshots.

Except for the last item, these appear in all other forms and lists, though in another format.

Date range panel


Specifies a date range DateFrom - DateTill, that delimits the temporal extent of lists and maps. A date range spans one or more whole days.

All time related data consists af date + clock, where their date part must fall within the given date range for them to be selected. You cannot limit to a clock range: list and maps spans whole days only. E.g. you can have more cruises the same day, but you cannot list just one of these.

Dates cannot fall before 2017 or after today ('Now'). Valid dates are either in European dateformat dd-mm-yyyy or in American dateformat mm/dd/yyyy, depending on the format chosen in the top of the panel.

Leap year days are not supported.

Throughout this manual, the European dateformat - which is the default - has been used in screenshots.

Decimal point and thousand group separator follow the chosen date format:

Date format Decimal point Thousand group separator Example
European (dd-mm-yyyy) Comma Dot 1.234,5
American (mm/dd/yyyy) Dot Comma 1,234.5

Use the buttons in the panel and/or the keyboard to set and adjust the two dates:

Using the buttons

First click one of the three radio buttons at the top to select which date you want to adjust. Then press a   button   to adjust.

When adjusting DateFrom forwards, DateTill will be pushed forwards too if needed - and when adjusting DateTill downwards, DateFrom will be pushed downwards too if needed. In both cases to avoid a 'DateFrom > DateTill' situation.

When BothDates is selected, a   = Whole history   button can be used to setup the oldest and the newest departure date in your cruises. If you press it before your first upload from the Sailor Logbook App, the text No history found pops up.

When DateFrom or DateTill is selected, a   = Copy of the other date   button appears instead:


Using the keyboard and the European dateformat:

First click / tap the field for which you want to set a date. Enter 0 (zero) for today, or:

Examples (assuming today is '14-01-2018'):

Using the keyboard and the American dateformat:

First click / tap the field for which you want to set a date. Enter 0 (zero) for today, or:

Examples (assuming today is '01/14/2018'):

Inclusions panel


By checking / unchecking the checkboxes found here you determine how outputs are composed:

The term cruiselists covers: Basic cruiselist, Harbor cruiselist and Crewmember cruiselist.

*) This inclusion checkbox was added august 2018. Comment fields can be quite large (up to 3000 characters), and depending on context it may or may not be best to make large comment fields scrollable. The Sailor Logbook Website manual currently isn't quite up to date in this respect.

Launch panel


From here the main forms, lists and maps in Sailor Logbook Website are launched. Some of these items may internally launch yet other outputs.

When you have specified date range and inclusions (+ maybe extra parameters), simply press one of the command buttons to launch a particular form, list or map. Each of these is described in seperate chapters (see the TOC).

The Menu form doesn't examine in advance, if anything can be found within a given date range. Some lists and the map will give a popup Nothing found in the given date range and you return to the Menu form after pressing   OK  .

Other lists stay open even when nothing is found, because from them you can launch editors to create content.

Extra parameters for Cruisemap

If you did checkmark the shareMaps checkbox in the Edit MyProfile form and thereby became a shareUser, you have the option to open a Cruisemap for another shareUser by selecting that person in the dropdown:


The list shows all shareUsers and is sorted by their 3-character country identification and nickName. If you want to contact a shareUser, Contact us via the link at the Homepage and tell us the persons nickName.

If the list is very short, this is probably because not many users have yet decided to become shareUser. Consider to do so, to make the system more interesting for all.

Whenever you have selected another shareUser than yourself, to avoid confusion you cannot access your own data: except for Cruisemap, all command buttons are disabled (their titles are enclosed in paranthesis). And you cannot access other users data, except for the map.

Note that the  = Whole history   button changes title after selecting another shareUser - it can now be used to setup the oldest and the newest departure date from that persons cruises ('Wh.h.': Whole history):


As next extra parameter select which track sections should have Blue color - these are the options:

*) Could be used to detect missing event attributes settings (missing start / stop events).

Then comes Include Harbor? - leave this and the Events in cruiselists+maps? checkboxes blank if you want to show Bare tracks - maybe to avoid cluttering of icons.

Unless otherwise noted, Include Harbor? was checked in all Cruisemap screenshots.

Finally you can check the extra parameter Include Symbols? to show misc. wind symbols.

It's planned to implement display of more than just the present wind direction and force symbols - e.g. weather and wave symbols.

Extra parameters for Crewmember cruiselist

Select a person from the dropdown list next to the button. If you choose the very top element, then cruises without any boardings are selected, i.e. where you were a solo sailor.

Extra parameters for Harbor cruiselist

You must select a harbor from the dropdown list next to the button.

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
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