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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Login form


Here you login to your (new) Sailor Logbook Website account.

Initially you must follow the flow as in listed in Your first login.

This is also true if you used the Forgot password? link and received an email with a one-time password.


At startup - before entering anything - the form should look something like:


To comply with EU Cookie Laws, the black bottom part appears in the Login form until you press the   Got it!   button. Clicking Learn more opens the Requirements chapter.

The   Got it!   button tries to set a longliving cookie named cookieconsent_status expiring after one year. Other Sailor Logbook Website cookies are session cookies that expire at the end of the session (when the browser closes).

Login failure

If the username or email entered is unknown, and/or the password is incorrect, this is seen:


Use the Forgot password form if you have forgotten your password - and / or your username.


After five attemps to login with wrong password, your account is timelocked for twenty minutes. During this period of time no login is possible, even with correct credentials. You have to wait until the lock period expires, and then you have five new attemps.

For safety, there is no way to tell that a timelock is applied. Except that you can't login.

Keyboard issues

On a PC/Mac, failed login sometimes can be explained by the keyboard use:


A numeric keypad (to the right) doesn't neccessarily send the same key values as the numeric keys in the typewriter keys group.

Also watch out for the Caps Lock key - it's often stuck in locked position.

Requirement issues

As described in the Requirements chapter, both Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled for the Sailor Logbook Website to work.

If Cookies are blocked, you'll see this popup when   Go to Menu form   is pressed:


And if JavaScript is blocked, the form has this warning at the top:


Pressing   Go to Menu form   will blank the screen and give the warning shown in the Requirements chapter.


The form contains these Input elements (from top to bottom, left to right):

Element Type Function / remark Note
HELP Link goes to this page -
Username/email Textfield fill in your chosen username or your registered email address A)
Password Textfield enter the one-time random password, or (after change) your chosen password B)
Go to Menu form Button brings your to the Menu form - or (if one-time password) to the Edit MyPassword form -
Forgot password ? Link Opens the Forgot Password form -

Note A): usernames cannot contain the '@' character and are up to 30 characters long - in contrast to email addresses that are up to 60 characters long, though for graphical reasons the field is too narrow to display all of these here (clipping may occur). Both username and email address is entered without case consideration (i.e. MyUserName and myusername are equal).

Note B): Password is case significant, i.e. PassWord892 is not the same as passWord892.

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Login form