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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Harbor list


Displays your harbor records. Like other lists it can launch an editor.

It's opened from the Launch panel. Besides displaying all your harbors, you may create new harbors (via a NEW RECORD link) and edit existing harbors (clicking a harbor name link). In both cases the Edit Harbor form is opened.


An example of the list was shown in About lists and repeated here:


Description of list

The list is ordered alphabetical by harbor name. All items in your own harbor list are included.

When Overviews in lists? is checked - as above - cruises visiting the harbors in the given date range is listed. Departure time links open the Edit Cruise form. MAP links open the Cruisemap.

If a visit concerns departure, the cruise departure time has a (dep) suffix. If it concerns arrival, the suffix is (arr). And when the same harbor figures as both departure and arrival for a cruise, the suffix is (d+a).

If visits seem to be missing, the reason is probably that the date range is to narrow - or Overviews in lists? isn't checked.

The special   Harborlocations map   button in the Listheading opens the Harborlocations map (note the plural form).

The geo? column displays No or Yes depending upon whether locations were registered. Clicking a Yes link opens the Harborlocation map (note the singular form).

The web? column displays No or Marinas.com depending upon whether the harbor was created by youself (e.g. an anchorage) or was searched and copied from Marinas.com web service - as seen here:


If the message: X records without a Harborlocation. Consult the Sailor Logbook Website manual: 'Harbor handling' appears at the end of the list (like above), do consult Harbor handling.

Clicking a Marinas.com link opens an external webpage:


If a harbor was copied from Marinas.com web service, but its link was later invalidated, the Marinas.com text is still shown in the web? column, but without the underline - i.e. it's no longer a link.

There are different reasons the Sailor Logbook Website may invalidate a Marinas.com link, e.g. too old age or link is broken.

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Harbor list