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(See About Google Maps for common information on this and other maps).

When opened from the Launch panel in the Menu form, the map displays all cruises with departure in the given date range. They are shown as tracks in full length, even if their arrival fall outside the date range.

When started by clicking / tapping a MAP link in a cruiselist, the map displays a Map for a single cruise.

The cruiselist MAP links occur below the weekday in the departure time column.

Depending on the extent and complexity of the underlying data, the load time can be significant: be patient, the map will display after a while.


An example of the map was given in the Introduction, and is repeated here:


The small square next to the CLOSE button informs on distance, hours, average speed, maximum speed and the Blue color selection from the Launch panel.

If you take the trouble to register wind direction and force with the App, this is shown as wind markers when you check the extra parameter Include Symbols?:


The wind markers scale up and down when zooming in and out; a certain zoom level is required for them to be visible.

Map for a single cruise

A MAP link was clicked in a:

*) The Overviews in lists? option must have been checked.


Instead of a date range in the contentheading, the departure time (and weekday) is shown. As usual, current Menu form settings determine the look of the map.

A track section is colored red or blue depending on the Blue color selection and conditions for the section.

In the screenshot above, there is a green and an orange event pin (see section below). Tracking started at the green pin and sails were set at the orange pin. Not seen here is a red pin where the track was ended.

Icons and infowindows

These icons are used:

Also checkout the Colorful events chapter.

In addition, a moving sailboat sprite illustrates your boat in action

By images is meant inserted by you (see Insert Image), not images supplied by the Marinas.com service. By with / without is meant that images are / are not added to cruise(s) departing within the given date range.

All of the icons listed above - except for orange and aprocot pins - appear in this screenshot:


Yellow lines represent missing track info - in this case caused by simply forgetting to start the App at every departure...

On a PC/Mac, icons have titles that appear when you hover - i.e. rest the mouse - over them a little while. Hover titles for harbors are simply their names. Hover titles for events comprises Time, distance and average speed calculations relative to cruise departure.

On touch-devices (iPhones and iPads) hovering is not possible - you have to tap the icons instead:

If you click / tap an anchor or a camera icon, an infowindow appears covering:

When you click an event pin, the infowindow shows:

The simulated speed with which the sailboat sprite moves is approximately 10000 knots. It follows your tracks, repeating until the window is closed.


If many icons are cluttered together, seing or clicking a certain icon is difficult. Zooming in can help.

Or if event pins cover other icons - when events are recorded close to harbors - simply unchecking Events in cruiselists+maps? may be a solution.

Bare tracks

Going one step further by also unchecking the extra parameter Include Harbors? produces:


Share Cruisemap

When you have selected a shareUser other than yourself in the Extra parameters for Cruisemap, a map similar to the users own map is produced:


with these differences:

Otherwise your own Menu form settings (date range, inclusions and extra parameters) determine the layout of the Cruisemap.

Determine location data with Cruisemap

When the map is clicked / tabbed, a Google Maps standard pin marker - representing last clicked location - appears at the clicked location, signalling Last clicked location is saved. After 10 seconds the pin disappears, to not disturb map appearance:


This can be exploited when Creating your own harbor.

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual