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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Forgot password form


Use this form after your account was created, if you:


After clicking the Forgot password? link in the Login form the form opens like:

Forgot password dialog

It doesn't matter if your spelling isn't exact with respect to upper/lowercase letters ('sailorboy' matches 'SailorBoy' - and 'myaddress@Gmail.Com' matches 'MyAddress@gmail.com').

The dimmed grey placeholder text in input fields are guides that disappear when you enter the first character. After pressing   SUBMIT  , this screen is displayed if your input is accepted:

Forgot password dialog, accept

Otherwise this appears:

Forgot password dialog, decline

The One-time password email

Consult the Sailor Logbook App manual, Account Manager subpage - here you'll see the exact looks.

Follow the flow in Forced change of one-time password, after you received the email.


The form contains these Input elements (from top to bottom, left to right):

Element Type Function / remark Note
HELP Link goes to this page -
Actionpanel Radiobutton fixed value 'Send a new password' here -
  SUBMIT   Button (click link on left) -
username* Textfield self explanatory -
emailAddress* Textfield self explanatory -

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Forgot password form