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About editors


With editors you maintain your data, i.e. create, update and delete these. There are a number of editors, each tailored for one or more kinds of data.

As described in About lists, editors are started from a list (or from other editors) - except the Edit MyProfile form, which is launched from the Menu.

In contrast to lists and maps, the settings of checkboxes in the Inclusions panel have no effect on the editors. Also, settings of the Event attribute checkboxes doesn't affect editors - except for Edit Event form.


In this chapter, the Edit Crewmember form is used to show how the editors work. It's very small and simple, but has functionality and layout as other editors.

Clicking the NEW RECORD link in the Crewmember list opens a new window in CreateState:


The two textfields are filled in, and after pressing the created record is displayed in ShowState:


Long names are not practical. And the comment is hard to read. So the name is shortened and two line break inserted in the comment. After submitting this, the form displays:


The comment field has been expanded by dragging its lower right corner. Since Andrew is too hard a competitor, he is deleted and the editor returns to CreateState:


Inputs (and other)

Like the lists, the editor forms have an uniform layout at the top, where the Dialog panel is placed. It's similar to the Listheading - in for example the Crewmember list. It contains (left to right):

followed by (each item is described below):

*) Has been updated from SLB - which still appears in many screenshots.

An alternative to the   CLOSE   button is to use a browser standard-method for window-closing (ctr+w or similar). However, the button is preferable because using that (only) you will get a Close without submitting changes? warning when applicable.


This is a tiny panel within the Dialog panel consisting of one or two radiobutton(s), the selection of which determines the next action when the   SUBMIT   button is pressed.

In some situations only one action is possible, so no selection can actually find place (one radiobutton only).

Actionpanel states

In a standard Dialog panel there are two states of the Actionpanel:

The CreateState occurs when you click a NEW RECORD link, whether in a list or inside an editor. In this state you can:

In ShowState an existing record is presented in the editor, whether clicking the link to a record in a list or having just created a record in an editor. In this state you can:

How to delete a record

When editing a Harbor or Crewmember with subordinate records, the Delete radiobutton is disabled and a can not delete notification is seen.


Sends a create, update or delete request to the server, provided all data are valid.

If validation fails you will see an user-error message in an alert box. You must dismiss it and fix the problem before pressing   SUBMIT   again. Or press   CLOSE   to abandon.

Otherwise you should see short flash *** Submitting *** and the editor form is updated.


This link allows creating new records. It's found in many list, and also found inside editors using the Standard Dialog panel, but only in ShowState.

Clicking the link opens an empty form in an editor in CreateState.

Last action indicator

Is found in another tiny panel in all Dialog panels, preceded by the text Last action: - options are:

Shortcut link

Appears in the Edit Crewmember form when the person shown has boarded cruise(s) in the given date range. Clicking it opens Crewmember cruiselist.

Likewise, a shortcut appears in the Edit Harbor form when the harbor shown was visited during given date range. A click opens Harbor cruiselist.

The links are simply shortcuts compared to opening the same lists from the Menu form. Though shortcuts don't open new windows as normally.


Don't use the Browser Back or Refresh commands - if you do and then continue editing, the result is unpredictable.

Don't shift to the Menu form to change parameter(s) while editing. This may result in loss of what you entered when returning to the editor, since any page (i.e. form, list or map) is then reloaded.

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
About editors