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Edit Harbor form


With this editor you maintain your Harbors, i.e. create, update and delete places that will be, is or was visited during cruising.

It opens from the Harbor list, in in CreateState or ShowState depending on whether the NEW RECORD link or a harbor name link was clicked.

If the artificial *ProxyHarbor exists and is clicked in the Harbor list, the editor has is a special   Resolve   button to help creating missing harbors, as well as assigning nearest departure and arrival harbors to trackends missing connections, using the same Search algorithm as when uploading from the Sailor Logbook App.

The editor also opens from the Edit Cruise form when   New Harbor...   is pressed.

Finally it opens when a harbor name link in an infowindow is clicked in one of these maps:

Layout in CreateState

Before anything is entered the form looks like:


The dimmed grey placeholder text in input fields are guides that disappear when you enter the first character. Field(s) marked '*' are required.

The lower part of the form   with this color   - indicating 'protected' - holds a Geolocation panel.

The bottommost button is disabled (its title is enclosed in paranthesis), because there is no harborlocation - no coordinates - yet.

Steps to create a harbor

Layout in ShowState (natural harbor)

After a primary key link in the Harbor list was clicked, the editor opens like:


Notice that the Delete radiobutton is disabled and that instead can not delete is seen. This is because subordinate records exist.

Steps to modify / fine tune a location

Layout in ShowState (artificial harbor)

If the artificial *ProxyHarbor exists and is clicked, the editor form is different:


Notice that there is no Geolocation panel, and that both the name and comment fields are protected - you cannot modify them.

The Resolve button

Pressing this special button brings up a popup:


The resolve function operates on cruises departing in the date range specified in the Date range panel. After pressing   OK   the page becomes temporarily unresponsive, and finishes when a result message pops up:


As seen, a single arrival harbor assignement is still missing in the given date range.

In another scenario, everything was resolved inside given date range, but outside this interval there are still unconnected trackends:


Finally, if everything was resolved globally, this could be seen:


If the volume of unresolved harbor connections is to big to handle in one chunk, a server timeout may happen. Browsers signal this condition differently - some are just silent, other may popup like:


In this case, try again with a more narrow date range.

Geolocation panel

Is used to obtain geolocation when creating a harbor, and to show a harbors location on map, once its geolocation has been determined. Is has two protected fields that inform on latitude and longitude coordinates, plus these buttons:

Button Opens Remark
  Open Clickable map   Clickable map the Google Maps standard pin marker is placed in the actual coordinates
- if coordinates are blank, it's placed in the last clicked location
  = Last clicked Location   - sets the location fields to the point where the Clickable map or the Cruisemap was last clicked (see Creating your own harbor)
- if neither happened, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich location is used
  Open Harborlocation map   Harborlocation map the harbor icon (an anchor) is placed in the actual coordinates
- the button is disabled if these are blank


The form contains these Input elements (from top to bottom, left to right):

Element Type Function / remark Note
HELP Link goes to this page -
Actionpanel Radiobuttons (click link on left) -
  SUBMIT   Button (click link on left) -
NEW RECORD link Link (click link on left) -
  CLOSE   Button self explanatory -
harbName* Textfield just fill in a name for the harbor A) and B)
comment Textarea fill in almost any text (including line breaks) -
Geolocation panel Panel (see above)) -

Note A): primary key, must be unique within your account. Up to 30 characters. Short names are recommended. Space(s) is ok, i.e 'Ibiza Magna' is fine.

Note B): as time goes by, lots of harbors will be registered. These are alphabetic ordered in dropdown lists. If you want your - often accessed - homeport and favorites at the top of dropdowns, prefix them with e.g. a minus-sign '-' or a star '*'. Abbreviations are also fine, e.g: 'Copenhagen' -> '-Cph'.

Some harbors are created by yourself: own harbors. Other are created by the Automatic harbor retrieval feature: imported harbors. For both categories you can change their names, though you are discouraged to to so for imported harbors. See Harbor handling for details.

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Edit Harbor form