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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Edit Event form


This editor enables aftertreatment of events, collected in the Sailor Logbook App and uploaded to the Sailor Logbook Website.

It opens when clicking an event time link in an eventlist - which appears in:

You can:

but cannot:

The number of attributes shown in the editor, is controlled by settings of the Event attribute checkboxes.

Layout (in ShowState)

(As mentioned, you cannot create or delete here - i.e. this editor has no CreateState)

Clicking the event time in the first record in the eventlist in the example in Edit Cruise form opens the editor like:


Setting all Event attribute checkboxes OFF results in a minimal editor form:


Any updates to text-note and attributes can be done. Like updates to cruise fields title and/or comment, modifications can be replicated to the App by deleting the corresponding track in the App and then doing a download from the Website.


The form contains these Input elements (from top to bottom, left to right):

Element Type Function / remark Note
HELP Link goes to this page -
Actionpanel Radiobutton fixed value 'Update' here -
  SUBMIT   Button (click link on left) -
  CLOSE   Button self explanatory -
evtTxt* Textfield any content, 1-60 characters A)
0-10 attributes Dropdown lists number determined by Event attribute checkboxes settings -

Note A): required at the Website, even though optional in the App. I.e. if you want to change any of the attributes, the field must be filled in if empty.

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Edit Event form