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With the editor you perform a number of operations collectively designated aftertreatment:

You cannot create new cruises: this happens when uploading tracks from the Sailor Logbook App. Consequently the editor operates in ShowState only.

A cruise can always be deleted, thereby also removing boardings and images. But it cannot be recreated, even if still present as a track in the App: there it's in state UPLOADED, and cannot be uploaded again.

When deleting a cruise, referenced harbors and crewmembers are preserved.

The editor opens from one of the three cruiselists described in the Cruiselists review, when a departure time link is clicked. It also opens when a departure time link is clicked in:

Layout in ShowState, before any aftertreatment

Preamble: a track has been uploaded from the App, creating a cruise. Both departure and arrival harbor could be found at the Website.

When the departure time in a cruiselist is clicked, the editor opens like:


The form contains the standard Dialog panel at the top, followed by a Body panel, and ending with a Bottom panel.

Attached below the editor form is an eventlist, quite similar to the one shown in Layout including eventlist.

Dialog panel

Is used to update changes in Body panel. Or to delete the cruise, causing attachments to be deleted as well - i.e. bordings, events and images are also deleted.

After a deletion, the   SUBMIT   button will be disabled, and the only option is to CLOSE the form.

Body panel

Has a tiny   Hide   button that collapses the panel, and changes to a   Reveal   button with the opposite effect.

The body panel holds data uploaded from the App. Some of these are   protected  , meaning they cannot be changed:

The remaining data from the App are editable:

*) If the artificial *ProxyHarbor appears here, consult Harbor handling.

Replicating edited data

When a track has been uploaded to the Website, it cannot be edited any more in the App - the only option there is to delete the track. Therefore, if cruise fields title and/or comment are edited, modifications are replicated to the App by deleting the corresponding track in the App and then doing a download from the Website.

For details, consult the Sailor Logbook App manual, Download subpage.

Bottom panel

Used for optional steps:

It has it own   SUBMIT   button for convenience. It's a duplicate of the standard SUBMIT button.

In the Events part of the panel, a tiny   Hide   button removes the eventlist, and changes to a   Reveal   button with the opposite effect.

Manage boardings

To register persons participating as crewmember on a cruise, boardings are added by selecting persons from the dropdown candidate list, and submitting these as boardings, one by one. They will then appear in an ordered boarding list in the left part of the panel.

If relevant persons haven't been created in advance, the   New Crewmember...   buttons can be used to do so: it opens the Edit Crewmember form in CreateState - persons created are inserted in the dropdown candidate list on return.

Boardings can be deleted by checkmarking small Del? checkboxes in the boarding list. Multiple boardings can be deleted by one submission.

Another way to add boardings is to check the Add crew from latest previous Cruise checkbox and do a submit. It appears only when there are no boardings. If no latest previous Cruise exists - or it has no boardings - a pop up informs on this. Otherwise the boarding list is updated.

Manage images

To attach any number of photos, see the description in the Insert Image chapter.

Layout in ShowState, after some aftertreatment

Adding some boardings and images result in:


The Body panel and the eventlist is hidden, and the number of candidates is reduced by two = the number of boardings added. And the sum of the numbers of bordings, events and images has been increased by four - two boardings and two images were added.

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