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Edit MyPassword form


With this editor your password is updated in two situations:

Forced change of one-time password

After completing the Login form you are forced here because your current password is a one-time password that must be changed:

- and in both cases haven't used the Update password function in the Account Manager.

At startup - before entering anything - the form looks like:


The dimmed grey placeholder text in input fields are guides that disappear when you enter the first character. After pressing   SUBMIT  , the Login form re-appears, and you must use your new (own) password.

Voluntary change of own password

In the Edit MyProfile form, the   MyPassword...   button was pressed. Here the form appears as:


After entering correct data and pressing   SUBMIT  , the form reappears:



The form contains these Input elements (from top to bottom, left to right):

Element Type Function / remark Note
HELP Link goes to this page -
Actionpanel Radiobutton fixed value 'Update' here -
  SUBMIT   Button (click link on left) -
  CLOSE   Button self explanatory (second situation only) -
old_password Textfield fill in the one-time password / your own current password A)
new_password Textfield fill in a password of own choice B)
repeat_password Textfield self explanatory -

Note A): must match; passwords are case sensitive, i.e. Password123 is not the same as passWord123

Note B): must be different from old_password, and must follow the rules:

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Edit MyPassword form