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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Edit MyProfile form


When an account is created from the Sailor Logbook App by the Account Manager Register account function, the entries that were entered (username, nickname and email address) are saved in an account profile.

With the MyProfile editor you check, update and supplement your profile data. It's the only editor launched directly from the menu.

All fields may be edited except your username, which is shown in the Dialog panel at the top.


The form could look something like:


The profile has a number of other items that are created with default values, as shown in the screenshot above.

These other items may be ignored if you are content using only the basic backup, restore and replicate functionality - i.e. if you don't plan to use the supplementary features at the Sailor Logbook Website.

All of the items in the MyProfile form can be changed - except for your username, which is shown at the top (the green panel). Here you'll also find a   MyPassword...   button, that opens the Edit MyPassword form.

An important thing is, that if you need to update your email address, this must be done in the MyProfile form. Before you forget your password!

Event attribute checkboxes

The Event Attributes section corresponds to Use event attributes in the Sailor Logbook App - though they are not syncronized with those. Their settings control the content of lists and maps.


If you checkmark the shareMaps checkbox and press   SUBMIT  , this dialog pops up:

shareMaps checkbox

and you must press   OK   to save the change.

Automatic harbor retrieval

Another important detail is the setting of this item: it affects the result of uploads to the Sailor Logbook Website - and feedback to the 'Upload subpage' in the Sailor Logbook App. You must checkmark the item to enable the Automatic harbor retrieval feature.

If you do checkmark it and press   SUBMIT  , this dialog pops up:

Automatic harbor retrieval checkbox

and you must press   OK   to save the change. For details, consult Harbor handling.


The form contains these Input elements (from top to bottom, left to right):

Element Type Function / remark Note
*** Dialog panel ***
HELP Link goes to this page -
Actionpanel Radiobutton fixed value 'Update' here -
  SUBMIT   Button (click link on left) -
  MyPassword...   Button opens the Edit MyPassword form -
  CLOSE   Button self explanatory -
*** PERSONAL ***
nickName* Textfield by this other users will know you, if you check shareMaps (see below); must be different from your username. A)
email* Textfield must be your correct email address A)
country Dropdown list self explanatory B)
timezone Dropdown list self explanatory C)
comment Textarea fill in almost any text (including line breaks) -
shipname Textfield self explanatory -
shiptype Textfield self explanatory -
homeport Textfield self explanatory -
Change of sail and engine Checkbox - D)
Wind direction and force Checkbox - D)
Current direction and force Checkbox - D)
Weather and waves Checkbox - D)
Temperature and visibility Checkbox - D)
*** MISC ***
shareMaps Checkbox check to become a shareUser to Share Cruisemap - default is unchecked E)
newsLetter Checkbox check to receive newsletters - default is unchecked F)
Automatic harbor retrieval Checkbox check to enable the feature - default is unchecked. See Harbor handling. -

Note A): these must be unique - i.e. you cannot use same nickname or email as any other Sailor Logbook user.

Note B): the initial value is 'Denmark'. Adjust to your country, in order to provide correct info to other users, that might contact you if you offer to share your maps - see Note E).

Note C): the initial value is 'UTC (UTC +02:00)'. Adjust to match your timezone, in order to get correct local time from the server (adjusted to daylight saving time when and where applicable) to display in misc. lists. Server time values are preceded with a Now: prompt.

Some dates come from your browser - not the server. If you experience difference between these - e.g. the date after the Now: prompt in the Menu form does not match dates from pressing   = Now   - check that your timezone and your computer settings are correct.

Note D): default is checked.

Note E): a shareUser can see other shareUser's maps - a non-shareUser can only see his own map.

Note F): newsletters will be send to your email (to be implemented).

Sailor Logbook Website manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook Website manual
Edit MyProfile form