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Sailor Logbook App manual
Track mainpage - First start of App

Start of App

Whenever the App is started, the current App version is shown - and a warning is given:

Start screen

and if you tap I AGREE the picture is:

track mainpage elements

The grey box inside the Comments textfield has an address / a link - the blue text - to the Sailor Logbook Homepage. Here you'll find a link to the Sailor Logbook App manual (this manual). The homepage can also accessed by entering the address in a browser.

On small screens the text in the grey box is truncated - scrolling reveals its last part:

Start screen

Main elements of the Track mainpage

The main elements of this screen are:

The tab bar holds four icons, each representing a mainpage, whose names appear below the icons. The icon for the active page is highlighted. At start the Track mainpage is active. The tab bar is always visible, except when a keyboard is displayed, an editor is open, or a subpage is opened from an editor.

The navigation bar is always visible, and informs on name of the page you currently see. The navigation bar for the four mainpages contains nothing more that that.

A page opened from a mainpage is designated a subpage. The navigation bar for subpages contain more items than just the name, as will be seen.

The layout, color and contents of a page body is varying. The Track mainpage above has a yellow page body, six labelled buttons, two labelled textfields, a message line ('Welcome ...') and some statistics that will be filled in when tracking.

Only the   New ...   button is enabled above - meaning this is the only button that in this context (first App start) works. The labels for the other five button are dimmed, meaning they are disabled and doesn't work (yet).

Dot suffix '...' in button titles indicates a dialog follows after a tap. No dots means no dialog follows.

Location Services check and authorization

It is assumed that your device has a working GPS: verify this by an app that uses location services, e.g. the built-in Maps app.

Tab the home button to open the home screen, and open the general Settings app. Check that the Privacy -> Location Services general setting is On before continuing:


Next, return to the Sailor Logbook App and tap   New ...   to open this dialog:


You must allow this to happen. If you don't and later change your mind, you still have the opportunity: when tapping   New ...   some time later, this dialog opens:


and after tapping Go to Settings you'll see:


and when tapping the Sailor Logbook item this dialog opens:


You must tap While Using the App if you want to enable tracking.

After return to Sailor Logbook, tap   New ...   again to get ready for your first track.

Sailor Logbook App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook App manual
Track mainpage - First start of App