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Sailor Logbook App manual
Settings mainpage - Behaviour

Local TOC

General (toc)

The Behaviour section is placed in the middle of the Settings mainpage. It comprises settings that will seldom need to be changed, once they have been determined

It has four pickers plus three ON-OFF switches. Their default setting after installation is shown below. All can be set mutually independently, and are saved every time you press the home button.

Settings mainpage - Behaviour

Measurement picker (toc)

Measurement picker

Defines unit for measuring distances and speed. The options are:

Most sailors will probably prefer the default (Nautic), but for terrestrial use one of the other units may fit better.

Windforces picker (toc)

Windforces picker

Defines unit for measuring windforce. The options are:

The following table gives the relation between the measuring units:

Meter/sec Knots Beaufort
< 1 m/s: Calm (nil) < 1 kn: Calm (nil) 0 B: Calm (nil)
1- 2 m/s: Light air 1–3 kn: Light air 1 B: Light air
2– 3 m/s: Light breeze 4–6 kn: Light breeze 2 B: Light breeze
4– 5 m/s: Gentle breeze 7–10 kn: Gentle breeze 3 B: Gentle breeze
6– 7 m/s: Moderate breeze 11–16 kn: Moderate breeze 4 B: Moderate breeze
8–10 m/s: Fresh breeze 17–21 kn: Fresh breeze 5 B: Fresh breeze
11–13 m/s: Strong breeze 22–27 kn: Strong breeze 6 B: Strong breeze
14–16 m/s: Near gale 28–33 kn: Near gale 7 B: Near gale
17–20 m/s: Gale 34–40 kn: Gale 8 B: Gale
21-24 m/s: Strong gale 41–47 kn: Strong gale 9 B: Strong gale
25–28 m/s: Storm 48–55 kn: Storm 10 B: Storm
29–32 m/s: Violent storm 56–63 kn: Violent storm 11 B: Violent storm
≥ 32 m/s: Hurricane ≥ 64 kn: Hurricane 12 B: Hurricane

The designations follow this convention.

Periodic event picker (toc)

Periodic event picker

Defines how often an automatic event should be made during tracking. The options are:

Yacht racers will probably prefer a high frequency - and long distance sailors a lower one.

During tracking, the frequency can be changed freely.

Periodic events (toc)

Whenever a 200 meter plot is about to be made - caused by movement - it's examined if it's time for a periodic event, according to the selected frequency. If so, an automatic event is made and attached to the plot. It's similar to manual events - made by tapping   New event...   - though they have:

The text-note pattern identifies a plot as periodic. It cannot be changed by editing.

Their purpose is making it easy to follow Hrs-Dist-Avs calculations during tracks. And on maps to get an overall impression of travel progress. Distinguish them from other events by their color Dark grey.

Periodic events are not controlled by a precise timer, but by movement. Thus timing is not accurate: plots for periodic events may be delayed by up to the time it takes to move 200 meter. However, this inaccuracy doesn't accumulate. And higher speed gives better accuracy.

Event editor picker (toc)

Event editor picker

Defines which Event editor to use. The options are:

For details, see Overview of editors.

The switches (toc)

Switch Function Note
Assume sails set at start - ON: the Change of sail attribute will be set to Setting full sails in the first plot event (when starting a new track) A)
Assume engine running at start - ON: the Change of engine attribute will be set to Full ahead in the first plot event A)
Beep when tracking To check that the GPS works ok:
- ON: you will hear a friendly beep when a plot is made, i.e. at start and end of tracking, when you have moved approximately 200 meter, or you make an event
- OFF: be silent (the App is always silent in the background)

Note A): You will probably want to have one and only one of the two Assume switches set to ON. Together with recorded values of the Change of sail and Change of engine attributes, these switches affect the Sail time and Engine time calculations

Set Assume engine running at start to ON if you usually depart from harbor by engine. And whenever you stop and start the engine during cruising, make an appropriate event.

You don't need to make an explicit stopping engine event at arrival, since ending a track implicitly signals engine stopped. Similar rule applies to setting and taking in sails.

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Sailor Logbook App manual
Settings mainpage - Behaviour