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Sailor Logbook App manual
Word list and topics


Purpose of this chapter: to list - in alphabetical order - a number of items, concepts and topics.


Follows the System Settings App:

General -> Keyboards


Means username + password. The username is determined by you when acquiring a Sailor Logbook Website account. After this you receive a Your Sailor Logbook registration welcome email with a one-time password, that must be changed to one of own choice - this is done at the Website.

Hereafter your credentials can be entered in the App, thereby connecting it to the Website. Then your account can be used for upload and download. And more.

Your credentials are hidden in the App. At the Website nobody can see your password, and your username can only be seen by yourself (and the Admin).

Before upload / download, your credentials are validated. If you change password, your credentials must be re-entered in the App.

If you forgot your password and therefore used the Send a new password link in the Website login form, you will receive a Your Sailor Logbook one-time password email with a password that must be changed, just like you did after the welcome email.

For details, consult the Website manual and search for username or password.


A person participating in a cruise. Has a name. Only implemented at the Website.


A travel at sea from one place to another. Only implemented at the Website. But a cruise is similar to a Track, from which it is transformed on upload.

Current Track

The track currently being tracked, whether started as a new track or continued by resuming an existing track.


A record of observations and/or doings (changes in sails and engine conditions). There are several kinds, differentiated by their Map pin and Eventlist heading colors:

Events in Map

Are shown as colored pins, which - when tapped - opens popups with event details. The popups also have a disclosure button to the right (  i   in a circle) that opens a Action on event menu with:

Deleting orange pins removes them from the map, though their plots are kept (becomes hidden plots). Other pins (green and red) cannot be deleted.

Events in Eventlist

Are listed as blocks with colored heading, using the same color scheme as in Map (green, orange and red). Each has a disclosure button that opens the Event editor when tapped. The Eventlist also enables swipe to delete - however, same rules as in the Map applies:

Events in Report (style simple)

Are listed as in the Eventlist. However, events cannot be accessed for editing or deletion.

Event attributes

Characteristics regarding changes in sails and engine as well as observations on wind, sea and weather conditions - and other. In the current App version (and Website version), ten attributes are implemented, ordered in five sets. With switches you can suppress one or more (all) sets without value to you.

Applies to both user events and system events.

First and last plot event

The purpose of the first plot event is to automatically capture sail setting and engine running start conditions, as defined with the Assume sails set at start and Assume engine running at start switches. These conditions are the starting point for Sails time and Engine time calculations.

The term Sails time covers the time sails were hoisted - not the sailing time.

To fix a wrong Sails and engine setting, find the first plot event and use the Event editor.

The first event may also be used to register weather etc. at departure.

The purpose of the last plot event is to constitute a place to register weather etc. after arrival, if this is wanted. Created when a track is ended.

Both can be edited, but neither can be deleted.


A place to stay when not sailing. Has a name and a location. A cruise has a departure harbor and an arrival harbor, that may be the same. Only implemented at the Website.

Keyboard appearance and disappearance

When a textfield is tapped, the keyboard appears automatically - the Comments textfield may temporarily be reduced to make space for the keyboard. Tapping anywhere outside a textfield makes the keyboard disappear.

Nautical units

Sailors measure distances in Nautical Miles and speed in Knots (Nautical Miles / Hour). These units are the default, but can be switched to terrestrial units, i.e. Metric or Imperial measurement.

One Nautical Mile equals 40000 / (360 * 60) = 1.85 Kilometre.

New Track

A track that is started and becomes the current track.


A construct enabling use of the logbook in between cruises. For example to:


An imagefile relating to a harbor. Only implemented at the Website.


An interface element with multiple choises, where one option is selected.


A location on the surface of the earth (latitude and longitude) fetched by the GPS, supplied with a timestamp and saved in the App. There are two kinds:

Both kinds are points for drawing track sections on maps.

Regional settings

The System Settings App:

Language & Region -> iPhone Language and Language & Region

determine layout of the datepickers, spell checking and time format.

Resumed Track

A track that has been continued from an already ended track. Applies only to the newest (ended) track.

Spell checking

Follows the System Settings App:

General -> Keyboards

System event

An event made automatically when starting and ending tracking.


The time interval between two time specifications, a time from and a time till. A timerange can include all recorded and uploaded tracks, but not more - i.e. a track being tracked cannot be included.

A timerange is specified with two datepickers in the History mainpage.


Is a collection of plots, ordered by time, extending from start (departure time) to end (arrival time). A track has one of the following states:

Track section

The straight line connecting two adjacent plots.

Track zone (Tzone)

A construct to group tracks - and notes - into distinct activities.

Track zone templates (Tzone templates)

A construct supporting Track zones

User event

An event triggered by your registration of a text-note and / or a number of attributes, attached to a plot when the event is made.


An area in the App, to which misc. variables are saved when you press the home button.

The database, which contains Tracks and Notes, is not saved here. For that, you must use the Upload subpage.

Whole Tracks

Explained in Whole tracks and track sections.

Sailor Logbook App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook App manual
Word list and topics