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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Using Track zones


The Track zones - short Tzone's - construction was introduced in version 2.0

Track zones extends the App to track more than just sailing - to for example:

- or any other use involving tracking of movements with speed not exceeding 144 km/h, where height is unimportant (location data are 2-dimensional only).

If you don't want or need to use Tzone's, just stick with the default Tzone number zero, which is assigned to all tracks recorded with earlier versions of the App, and which is the default Tzone for next track.

Tzone numbering

There are nine physical Tzone's available, numbered zero to eight (0-8). A special tenth zone number (9) is a virtual Tzone used for browsing all physical Tzone's is use.

Once you start using Tzone's other than the default, it's important that you remember their numbering and use: the App only recognizes Tzone numbers, i.e. there is no option to assign names to the individual numbers.

Also, in the Set Tzone for next track dialog, it's important to enter correct Tzone number before starting tracking.

If you by accident forget this, you can still fix the Tzone number after ending tracking, by using the Editing historic tracks feature.

If a track is uploaded to the Website, the only way to fix a wrong Tzone number (or any of the other track fields) is to:

Shrinking of time range settings

The Time range setting controls define a time range for outputs from the History mainpage - for the Tzone number specified by the The Tzone button found there.

This time range cannot go beyond the oldest and the youngest track in that Tzone.

So when the Tzone for history is changed, it may be needed to shrink the time range: if for example the whole history was setup in Tzone zero, it could be shrinked when changing to Tzone one like:

   <---------------- Whole history ---------------->
   ...Track1 z0..                     ...Track3 z0..

                    <- Wh.hist. ->
                    ...Track2 z1..


Track mainpage

Functionality related to the Track mainpage is independent on Tzone's, except the number entered in the Set Tzone for next track dialog is applied to the track - and optionally shown in the tab bar, as well as in the green navigation bar for the Track mainpage and its subpages.

History mainpage

In contrast to this, functionality related to the History mainpage depends on Tzone number specified by the The Tzone button found there:

a) All tracks (within given time range) are processed, independent on their Tzone numbers - i.e. as if Tzones don't exist, e.g.:

   ...Track1 z0..   ...Track2 z1..    ...Track3 z0..

b) Only tracks with specified Tzone number (within given time range) are processed - i.e. as if only those existed, e.g.:

   ...Track1 z0..                     ...Track3 z0..

The term processed covers all functions in the subpages (and their subpages) of the History mainpage.

Remaining mainpages

Functionality related to the Settings mainpage, the Web mainpage and the Subscribe mainpage is completely independent on the Tzone construction.

For the Web mainpage this means, that both upload and download operations work as if Tzones don't exist - though they are communicated both ways.

The Website

Track zones exist at the Website as well, for display and editing. However, presently all tracks (i.e. Cruises) are processed equally - meaning the b) option above isn't implemented yet.

Sailor Logbook S App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Using Track zones