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Purpose of feature: managing web uploads.

Local TOC

When to use (top)

When you have registered and set or syncronized your password with the The Account Manager, and you have done some tracking, you are ready to upload your tracks to the Sailor Logbook Website.

An upload comprises all tracks in state RECORDED on your device - independent on their Tzone's. None of these are present on the Sailor Logbook Website.

Having done that, tapping   Upload   on the Web mainpage opens the Upload subpage.

If the password isn't valid - i.e. it has been changed - this screen appears:

Upload - invalid password

After updating the password, the situation is:

Upload - ready

The upload process (top)

A tap on   Confirm   starts an upload to the Sailor Logbook Website; when done a confirmation list is shown:

The upload process

The Automatic harbor retrieval feature at the Sailor Logbook Website was not enabled before the upload above. Otherwise information on attempted harbor track-end connections would occur.

Returning to the Upload subpage without doing any more tracking just results in:


Volume of an upload (top)

In principle, there is no limit to the volume of an upload: tracks for a whole year or more can theoretically be uploaded in one big chunk. On the other side, a small upload comprising one or only few tracks in a smaller chunk is an - recommended - option.

For details, consult the Sailor Logbook Website manual, Upload overload.

Upload as seen at the Website (top)

The screenshot below is from the Sailor Logbook Website after the upload, showing a Cruisemap that should remind of an earlier Map subpage example:

The upload as seen at the Sailor Logbook Website

For details, consult the Sailor Logbook Website manual, Cruisemap review.

The designation Cruisetracks map is now outdated and replaced by just Cruisemap.

Below a slice of another screenshot after upload, showing a Basic cruiselist:


For details, consult the Sailor Logbook Website manual, Cruiselists review.

Uploaded tracks turn grey (top)

When a track has been uploaded it changes state from RECORDED to UPLOADED. To distinguish things, its color changes from teal blue to grey. To demonstrate this, another track is tracked and ended, and then a Tracklist subpage (descending order makes the newest track appear first) shown:

Uploaded tracks turn grey

The grey color also applies to the Track editor, the Eventlist and the Event editor.

When a track has been uploaded to the Sailor Logbook Website, it can not be edited any more in the App - the only option here is to delete the track (use the Tracklist for that).

As mentioned in the Introduction, at the Website tracks are transformed into cruises which can be edited. If an uploaded track is deleted from the App, it may be recreated by a download, whereby such edits are included.

The rationale for this restriction is to ensure that the Sailor Logbook Website has the master copy of uploaded tracks.

Sailor Logbook S App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Upload subpage