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Purpose of feature: managing backup to the Website database (Web DB) of your App database (App DB)

Local TOC

When to use (top)

When you - doing the last two tasks with the Account Manager - have:

- and you have done some tracking and / or done some kind of data update, you are ready to upload your tracks/notes to the Website.

An upload processes the App database (DB) on your device, and comprises:

- thereby committing all changes in the App DB to the Web DB.

The designation row is synonym with tracks and notes.

The processing is independent on Tzone's, or setting of The filters.

First upload example (top)

Imagine three tracks (titled 'T1', 'T2' and 'T3') have been created, and registering is done.

After having passed Checking of credentials, tapping   Upload   the first time will then open:

First Upload - ready

Tapping   Tap here if you want to proceed   opens:

First Upload - confirm

When confirmed, upload to the Website is done, ending up in a receipt:

First Upload - receipt

Second upload example (top)

Now imagine this transaction sequence:

Tapping   Upload   a second time now opens:

Second Upload - ready

See the Tracking states example with an *ED* marking.

Tapping   Tap here if you want to proceed   and confirming again, upload to the Website is repeated and ends up with this receipt:

Second Upload - receipt

Third upload example (top)

Finally imagine a transaction sequence like:

Tapping   Upload   this time opens:

Third Upload - ready

Tapping   Tap here if you want to proceed   and confirming again, upload ends up with the receipt:

Third Upload - receipt

If no more transactions found place hereafter, tapping   Upload   opens:

Nothing to upload

Checking of credentials (top)

Every time one of the four function buttons at the top of the Web mainpage - including this   Upload   button - your credentials (Username and Password) are checked, as well as permission to access your account.

If anything is wrong, information similar to this is displayed:

Checking of credentials

Other information could be given, if something very unlikely should have happened to your credentials.

Device not primary (top)

To access the function, it's required that the device is (set) primary - otherwise this pops up:

Device not primary

Before changing the Device is primary switch setting, be sure to check the Using Multiple devices chapter.

Volume of an upload (top)

In principle, there is no limit to the volume of an upload: tracks/notes for a whole year or more can theoretically be uploaded in one big chunk. On the other side, a small upload comprising one or only few tracks/notes in a smaller chunk is an - recommended - option.

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Sailor Logbook App manual
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