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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Subscribe mainpage


Purpose of feature: managing purchase, restore and logging of subcriptions.

Local TOC

Full functionality (top)

Learn how to use this mainpage and its dialogs, if you want to:

Please note: the App has no connection to Apple's iCloud services. The only way to backup and restore App-data or replicate App-data to other devices is to connect to and use the Website - which requires an active subscription.

Restrictions when not subscribing

Sailor Logbook S App is a Freemium App. Thus, when installed, these restrictions apply:

Restriction 1: you can list, map, chart and report historic tracks, as long as the including time span doesn't exceed TEN days. This means you can track your whole summer cruise day-by-day, but you can only present up to ten days at a time.

Restriction 2: you cannot connect to and use the Sailor Logbook Website, which has supplementary functionality. This means you must do without options for:

The Sailor Logbook Homepage has a link to a separate Sailor Logbook Website manual.

Titles and lengths of subscriptions

Currently, these products are available:

All subscriptions provide the same services during each period: the restrictions listed above are cancelled.

General info and links

Rules as determined by Apple:

Subscription expiry

After expiry:

Initial screen (top)

Tapping the Subscription icon in the tab bar displays this page just after installation, i.e. before any subscription is bought:

Subscribe mainpage

Most of the Subscription page is occupied by text informing on the nature of and rules on the Sailor Logbook S auto-renewable subscriptions. The text is held in a scrollable weblike view. Tap   Print   for a hard copy. On small screens, scrolling the view reveals the remaining text:

Subscribe mainpage

At the bottom, there is three buttons, of which the two are enabled in the image above, meaning they work. This depends on the situation:

The   Buy   button is enabled when:

*) The App attempts to load a list of subscription products at every start. This requires network connection, but should only take a few seconds. If a connection problem or other error occurs, you will see a Failed to load productlist message, and   Buy   is disabled until a successful attempt has been completed.

The   Restore   button is enabled when the first two of the above conditions are met.

The   Log   button is enabled when any present or past subscription has been logged in the App Receipt.

A purchase sequence (top)

Tapping   Buy   opens a Confirmation dialog:

A purchase sequence

- and when you tap Yes, I confirm a next Select purchase dialog opens:

A purchase sequence

Presently, three products with the names shown above exist - these may change over time. After tapping an item, the sequence continues:

Purchase sequence continuation in the Sandbox

Here a next confirmation must be given:

A purchase sequence

The [Environment: Sandbox] note indicates that the sequence is carried out in a development environment.

- and after that a final confirmation is required:

A purchase sequence

If everything goes well, a success message is received (can take several seconds or even minutes):

A purchase sequence

Now where an active subscription is registered and logged in the App Receipt, only the   Log   button is enabled:

A purchase sequence

- and a tap on that opens the Subscription log:

A purchase sequence

As mentioned, the sequence is carried out in a development environment - where subscription timing is condensed, so 'one month' is condensed to '5 minutes'. In the 'real world', duration will be shown as days (e.g. '30 days').

The last entry in the image above is green, meaning 'the subscription is currently active' - compare clocks in purchase and expiry dates with the time at the top of the screen.

The subscription purchased above is automatically renewed five times (still in the Sandbox environment) after which it expires at 2:32 PM which is 30 minutes after initial purchase time:

A purchase sequence

At this stage - after expiry - all three buttons are enabled:

A purchase sequence

Purchase sequence continuation in Real Life

Here confirmations are simply done by finger Touch ID:

A real purchase sequence

- and the purchase is a success:

A real purchase sequence

The Subscription log shows:

A real purchase sequence

The purchase can be seen and managed in the iTunes Store:

A real purchase sequence

A restore sequence (top)

A tap on the   Restore   button open the Restore Purchases dialog:

A restore sequence

- and if everything goes well, a success message is received (can take time):

A restore sequence

All three buttons are still enabled. A tap on the   Log   button shows no difference from before, so in this context the restore resulted in nothing.

A more meaningful context in which to restore: you have an active subscription, an have just (re)installed the App. Maybe on another device than the one from which you purchased the subscription.

Subscription expiry (top)

In the Sandbox, subscriptions expire automatically after five renewals. In real life, Auto-Renewable subscriptions expire when the user / customer doesn't renew - i.e. when he cancels his subscription, his credit card becomes invalid etc.

After expiry, Full functionality is revoked from the App, but can be reclaimed by buying a new subscription (of same or other type than the expired one).

While (still) having full functionality, a user may create an account at the Sailor Logbook Website and upload his data to / download his data from the Website. After expiry he cannot access the Website any longer from the App, though he can still login through the Website Login form to see and manipulate his data there.

The Website registers date (and time) when a user last uploaded or downloaded anything. The date (and time) for a users last login to the Website is also registered.

When all these three dates become older than one year, the Website Administrator (the Admin) deletes the corresponding account and all related data and images (photos) without notice.

Until then, no data at the Website is effected, except maybe by the user himself - if he used the Website login.

In the App, expiry has no effect on the data stored on the device (iPhone / iPad).

Transaction errors (top)

Both purchase and restore sequences involve communication with Apple and complex processing there. Therefore some operations are prone to error - for example:

An error example

If you run into a similar problem, hopefully you can solve it by restarting the App, or simply by retrying later. Otherwise, Contact us via the link at the Homepage.

Sailor Logbook S App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Subscribe mainpage