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Sailor Logbook S App manual
History mainpage - Tracklist subpage

Local TOC

General (toc)

Tapping the   Tracklist/asc   or the   Tracklist/desc   button produces a Tracklist with content defined by the datepickers values, but independent of switch settings in the Settings mainpage, except for the Measurement setting. The two buttons produce the same output, apart from order.

Having made three tracks in the simulator, and having tapped the   Set time range to whole history   button, a tap on   Tracklist/asc   gives this page:

History mainpage - Tracklist subpage

At the top of the Tracklist there is a:

Which on a white background consists of:

The first time the textfield is tapped after each start of the app, this help pops up:

Search help popup

The textfield is used to:

Search example 1

The tracklist has just been opened, and the number of tracks in the list is shown briefly:

Search for Cruise in the Title textfield only starts like:

A tap on the Search key gives:

shortly after which the search argument re-appears:

Search example 2

To still search for Cruise, but now case significantly, the textfield if first cleared and a 'C' is entered:

A tap on the Search key briefly informs the 'Case significance' option was set:

followed by a brief number of tracks info (nothing was found):

and a final display of search argument:

Notice that the searchbar is green, indicating that one or both search options has been activated (set ON). Re-entering a 'C' like above returns the searchbar color to light grey.

Tracklist body (toc)

In the top screenshot above, each track is listed in a cell with title, comments and statistics, similar to what was seen in the Track mainpage. The background color of the cells is teal blue to indicate state RECORDED. The list has three cells with whole tracks, falling within the given time range.

Cell actions:

To: Do:
scroll a long page drag the left part of a cell
scroll a long comments drag inside the textfield
edit a track tap the disclosure button (  i   in a circle) in the right part of a cell *)
delete a track swipe left (see Deleting tracks)
show a track on map tap the left part of a cell, the title or the statistics area **)

Tapping the banana-colored area in the first cell below opens a map, dragging it scrolls the page - and tapping the banana-colored area in the second cell below opens the Track editor:

Show tap areas

*) This opens the Track editor - similar to what happened in the Track mainpage after tapping the   Edit track   button.

**) Opens a Map similar to what was shown from the Track mainpage after tapping the   Show current track on map   button:


Notice the sailboat sprite - in your App, it will be moving. The speed of the sprite depends on the total length of the track(s). It repeats moving around chronologically, from first to last plot.

The blue My Location spot appears in history maps if applicable. Handy to find you way back to a previously tracked position - i.e. to find your parked car in a foreign city.

The above is much like the Current track on map shown in the description of the Track mainpage, though the track is a couple of sections (plots) longer here. The map settings items were:


When changing these to:


the map changes to:

Track example

Tapping   < Tracklist   in the green navigation bar at the top, and then tapping   < History   returns to the History mainpage.

Tapping the History icon in the black tab bar at the bottom brings you directly to the History mainpage, without visiting the Tracklist in between.

Deleting tracks (toc)

To delete you have two options:


An Are you sure? dialog must be confirmed before deletion takes place.

Sailor Logbook S App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook S App manual
History mainpage - Tracklist subpage