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Purpose of feature: analysis of sailing, weather and sea conditions regarding current and historic tracks. A precondition for its benefit is, that you register these conditions when cruising.

Local TOC

Openers and content (top)

The Piechart subpage - or just 'Piechart' - opens from:

The back button in the teal blue navigation bar displays as:

(Provided The Hide default Tzone number switch is ON and default Tzone applies - else a suffix appears, e.g.   < History z9  )

Its content is based on:

Like the Barchart subpage, the chart is static, i.e. it doesn't change even when opened from a).

The Piechart - as well as the Barchart - is based on the Charts library licensed under Apache License 2.0 - Copyright 2015 Daniel Cohen Gindi & Philipp Jahoda.

The duet picker panel (top)

is placed at the top and consists of two independent wheels:

The Piechart picker panel

The Attribute picker to the left selects what to show:

The Timeunit picker to the right selects how to show:

*) Values shown without decimals - values for the other units are shown with one decimal.

Calculation rules (top)

Each type of attribute can have several discrete values, as shown in e.g. the Pickerscreen example. The distribution of these values are shown in the corresponding chart. Calculations follow these rules:

*) Check the description of The assumption switches.

Time range display (top)

The example below shows how the selected time range is displayed at the bottom of the Piechart, together with the number of tracks involved - and a legend:

The Piechart time range display

Examples (top)

Below a series of screenshots of charts follow. Registrations from the first 6 tracks of the Appetizer 2: roundtrip through Sweden were used:

Example 1: sails shown in percent (top)

An example of the Piechart

48.4 perent of the time, full sails were worn. Pie slices always represent non-zero values. To examine the 0.3 percent display for Sails, 2.reef, the Timeunit picker wheel is dragged from Percent to Minutes:

Example 2: sails shown in minutes (top)

An example of the Piechart

It appears, that Sails, 2.reef was the situation during 8 minutes.

Example 3: wind directions (top)

An example of the Piechart

where the -?- stands for unset / no registration (approx. 2 hours).

Example 4: wind forces (top)

An example of the Piechart

Example 5: changing color (top)

Pie slice colors are random and change each time the chart is displayed. If a chart is hard to read, use the   Color   button to generate another set:

An example of the Piechart

Example 6: turning and highlighting (top)

Selecting a slice by tapping it, highlights it and informs on the number of registrations from which the slice is build - here 4 registration(s):

An example of the Piechart

A chart can be rotated by tapping, holding and dragging a slice. This can improve readability of the text on a slice when it's eclipsed by that of another slice.

A tap at the bottom of the chart un-selects the slice and revokes the Time range display.

Rotation is almost impossible when not in Full screen presentation style.

Example 7: empty chart when no data (top)

If nothing was registered for an attribute type for tracks in the given time range, the chart turns monochrome:

An example of the Piechart

In this case, no current direction was registered for a single track (day), so the label is -?-. This is not the same as actively registering no current, which is represented as nil.

Active registration of nil is possible for:

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