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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Breadtext subpage


Purpose of feature: to produce raw text from one or more historic tracks, that can be used further to for example sending emails.

Local TOC

Openers and content (top)

The Breadtext subpage - or just 'Breadtext' - opens from:

The back button in the green navigation bar displays as:

(Provided The Hide default Tzone number switch is ON and default Tzone applies - else a suffix appears, e.g.   < History z9  )

Its content is based on:

Example (top)

After setting the datepickers to cover a random range, a tap on   Breadtext   gives a page like:

Breadtext subpage

The above is based on The current template.

Copy to clipboard (top)

Tapping the   Copy   button in the navigation bar confirms that a copy to clipboard operation was done:

Breadtext copied

Tapping   Template   in the navigation bar opens:

The current template (top)

Initially, this is also the standard template:

Breadtext subpage - template

A tap on the   Help   button opens a popup:

Breadtext subpage - template help

A customized template (top)

To suit another layout (or language), the standard template could be customized like:

Breadtext subpage - template

The top line contains a space (not just a return).

A tap on   Done   saves the template and a new content is constructed:

Breadtext subpage

Restoring the standard template (top)

To return to the standard template, tap   Std   in the Template form:

Breadtext subpage

After fetching the standard template, a tap on   Done   is needed, whereafter new content is constructed on the Breadtext page.

Non-English users (top)

As mentioned, the The English time designations switch affects the contents of the Breadtext page. For a Spanish user, the content could be:

The Breadtext subpage reflects language

In this example, a customized template was setup like:

A language custumized template

Sailor Logbook S App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Breadtext subpage