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Instant plot button


Purpose of feature: to increase accuracy on zig-zag tracks.

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Overview (top)

Unless you make manual events while tracking, plots are captured automatic each time your device has moved approximately 200 meter.

When tacking, your zig-zag track may be captured inaccurate, depending on length of legs, tack angle and coincidence.

When racing, you may want a precise capture of your track - as well as precise distance and speed calculations. This can be achieved by manually making an event everytime you want a plot at an exact location, because the location is captured whenever an event is saved.

In the Event editor you will usually enter a Text-note and set some attribute values, and then press   Done  .

In racing situations, this is awkward. Therefore the Event editor offer an alternative:

Instant plot button (top)

The Event editor button   Instant   is present when:

If you press it, a hidden plot is made, i.e. without any event attached. It doesn't leave any pin in Map or Eventlist - like normal events.

The plot is made only almost instantly - you have to move approximately 5 meter after pressing the button. Just like with other manual events. It's best to keep moving while tracking.

The screenshots below illustrate the effect - first a zig-zag capture of a track:

No instant plots

and then a more precise image:

Many instant plots

Needless to say, this feature can be distracting! So don't use it unless a crew member is dedicated to using the App - or you are quite alone at sea.


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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Instant plot button