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Sailor Logbook App manual


Purpose of this chapter: to briefly describe potential error situations.

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iTunes Connection error (top)

When the App starts, it tries to load a productlist needed to access App subscription options. If this fails - e.g. becaused of missing Internet connection - this pops up:

iTunes Connection error

Unless you need to do an In-App Purchase, this error has no importance.

Communication errors (top)

Could occur during upload or download. If so, an alarm sound is given and a message shown:


A likely reason is bad or no network connection. When conditions have been improved, a retry should solve the problem.

Another - though unlikely - reason is too large a chunk of tracks in state Recorded attempted uploaded, possibly resulting in Server timeout mishap situation. Consult the Website manual, Upload overload.

The above screen also appears, if a major incident occurred at the Website, Check for information at the Sailor Logbook Homepage.

Memory warning (top)

Should iOS think your device is low on free memory, the App sounds an alarm (the App is always silent in the background), and gives a message:


Fatal errors (top)

Are announced with a popup like:


In this example, an error was provoked by disabling location service while tracking. Don't do this, or you will loose or damage your current track!

Another example:


In this case, an unfortunate condition was provoked in the simulator. Potential 'Programming errors' could lurk in the App, but could also lurk at the Website.

If you run into a similar problem, hopefully you can solve it by restarting the App. Otherwise, Contact us via the link at the Homepage.

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Sailor Logbook App manual