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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Best practices


Purpose of this chapter: to help you achieve best result of the App, and to give down-to-earth advices that increases your own safety at sea.

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Sailing procedures (top)

In good time before departure

In harbor, check your Settings mainpage.

Fill in the textfields in the Track mainpage with text on anything to remember.

Connect your device to power supply if needed.

Just before departure

Tap the   New   button, and confirm that you want to start tracking.

Wait a few seconds to check that tracking starts, and the waiting for you to move message appears.

Put the device out of the way or in your pocket (you may turn of the device).

Some time after departure

When out of harbor and traffic, it's time to do your first registration of wind, sea and weather conditions with the Event editor.

Often it's opportune to do so when turning engine off and setting sail - so these Sails and engine doings could be registered at the same time.

While cruising

Whenever there is a change in any of the conditions you want to register, make a new event for that.

Don't make many events close to each other in time or distance - their details (pins, markers, icons) may be hard to distinguish on Map.

Just before arrival

Forget about the App - but don't end your tracking yet. Otherwise your track-end may be to far away for the automatic harbor retrieval at the Sailor Logbook Website to work: you should be closer than 0.5 Nautical Mile away from the arrival harbor when tapping   End  .

After arrival

Tap the   End   button, and confirm that you want to end tracking.

This is not strictly needed, if you don't move during an extended period of time - the App will end the track for you. But if you go ashore before that, with your device still in your pocket, tracking will continue!

Check and manually update the ended track and its events via the History mainpage.

Optionally, use the Upload subpage to upload to the Sailor Logbook Website.

The comments field (top)

When tracking, text concerning the current track may be entered into the comments field, either directly on the Track mainpage or in the Track editor, via the Action on current track menu.

After arrival you may want to enter (more) text while in harbor, concerning time spent there. This is also be done with the Track editor, via the Action on historic track menu.

During a summer cruise, if you spend several days in the same harbor and want to write about these, a divider line could separate each of these, like:

	Arrived late, restaurants were closed.
	- - - o o o O o o o - - -
	Slept until noon.
	Hope I don't suffer from Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder!
	- - - o o o O o o o - - -
	Too windy to sail on today, so we'll stay another day.

Merging text and notes on your computer (top)

You may have some written notes on your PC/Mac that you want to include in your logbook. For example preparations done, materials used and equipment bought before launching your ship, i.e. before the seasonal maiden voyage.

Provided you have an Sailor Logbook Website account, one way to do this is:

The track comments field at the Sailor Logbook Website is for free-text, including line breaks, and holds up to 3000 characters. Just like the event text-note in the App.

This is a kind of aftertreatment - try searching the Sailor Logbook Website manual for this word.

If you want to replicate the work to your App:

Sailor Logbook S App manual - © Copyright 2018 CoaSoft ApS Denmark

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Sailor Logbook S App manual
Best practices